Garage Company Custom Bikes

Here you'll find a small sample of the custom bikes we've built over the last few years. If you'd like us to build a bike for you, please call 310-330-9933 or Write to Us!

Garage Company Motorcycle Gallery:

Custom Bikes
2015 BMW
Short bar, Front fender, Crocodile skin seat, Mufflers, Side plate.
Paint, and more.
Confederate Custom
Large Aluminum gas tank with Cobra cap!
CB750 Sand Cast Chopper!!
BMW Cafe
New Royal Enfield Custom
1972 X Bomb
1972 motor modify early XLCH in One off custom frame.
Triumph Great Escape
Elliott 750
Stock style café racer
Vintage Enduro XL
2013 Triumph RS
Hand crafted Solid wood Seat,
Hand crafted Custom Gas tank
with Leather cover
Star Racer #19
Special Chromoly racing frame,
Triumph 750 5 speed motor.
2013 Harley XR1200 Street Café.
1988 XLX Street Custom
1974 CB750 Cafe Racer
Captain America
Triumph Bonneville
Injection Model
Custom Aluminum Gas Tank
Special Patina Knuckle Head
Triumph Bobber
Honda CB750
836cc kit install. One off custom gas tank,
Aluminum Oil Tank and Seat, Rear set, Chrome Racing Exhaust.
Special Clip-on handle bar, Lower shock and fork.
Kick and electric starter. Powder coat frame and parts,
Brembo rear caliper.
1975 Norton 850 Café Racer

1971 Honda CB750 Café Racer

David Beckham's Super Vintage 93" Knuckle
Just built, completely new bike
New parts with custom patina finish.
93 knucklehead motor

Venice Queen
2006 Old School XL
Custom Hardtail
Changed to oil in frame
Derek White Panhead
Drop City. HD panhead custom
stock frame
VL springer
BMW Cafe Racer
Kiyo's Knuckle
1953 Harley KK
Special Thunder head 4 Cam motor in XR750 Chromoly Race frame.
Original XLCR body work. PM Foot work. Works shock. 100hp+ Super street
Matteo's Narrow Panhead
We shipped this bike to Italy. Ciao!
Federico's EVO School
We shipped this bike to Argentina
Old School Softail
New EVO motor
We shipped this bike to Spain
2006 Triumph
We customize your bike!
2009 Harley Davidson
We customize your bike!
Nick's Super America
Evo Bobber
S&S Panhead
75 Dutch
Von Dutch 1947 Supercharged Triumph Special
Matteo's Bobber
Harley KHK
58 Cafe
HD Evo Motor
Garage Company frame
CB750 Racers
Ed Hardy
Evel Knievel Triumph Scrambler
Johnny's 103.
S&S 103 Panhead motor
6 speed, super vintage bobber
Johnny Nielsen, Denmark
El Dorado Brougham
Long Swingarm
Shovel head motor
Missy Old School .
Classic Old School style Evo Custom
Long Swingarm  Custom
Super Garage Company Lowrider detail
See El Dorado Brougham above for finished bike!
9.4 Foot Long Triumph Special
1970 Triumph Motor
Under Construction!
1948 Deuce Panhead
48 Dual carb motor,
Original 48 Frame,
American Racing wheel with Firestone DRAG 500,
21" Borrani front wheel.
Come see at next Ventura swap meet!
Michael Schumacher's Bike
CB 750 D'cafe
Yoshimura motor, ARD magneto, Kimtab magnesium wheels, A&H brakes, GP fork, Webber carburetors, more super rare parts.
Very special SKRATCH Paint
Ed Hardy Custom
Billy's Triumph
Joe's Custom Panhead
Mike's Samurai Panhead
Custom Goose Neck
Pan Shovel Goose neck.
74 Springer fork
16" wheels
S&S Super Stock Shovel Custom
Cool Cafe Triumph
Drag XX Kustom vintage Bobber
H-D Shovel motor, Custom one off Chica frame
Kick and Electric start, Lots of one off parts
Skull shifter, Best vintage bobber.
Mr. B's New Kustom
G40 Knuckle
We can build one for you!
Real Bobber
We can build one for you!
Rick's Bobber
We can build one for you!
Shovel Rigid
We can build one for you!
1978 Old School Rigid
Rebuilt motor and trans
H-D 1340cc motor
H-D frame and title
1955 BSA Chopper
Nice old school chopper
BSA A10 motor and trans
Good running
DICE Bobber
1984 Motor and Frame
Springer front end
16 inch front and rear wheels
Custom Hollywood Bobber bar
Going to England
The Famous SKRATCH
KHKR Street Tracker
KR Replica
19 inch front and rear
1956 KHK motor with magneto
KR rear frame
Custom goose frame with 80in stock Harley motor, Magneto, Open belt
Pinstripe by SKRATCH
3rd place in 2005 L.A. Mikuni Calendar show.
Owned by Gary Myrick

EVO School
Modified 1984 Harley FL Frame
New Harley EVO motor but still Old School
We can build a bike like this for you!
Von Dutch KUSTOM

Built Kustom bikes Please Call!

Triumph Kustom BOB.
One off frame
650 motor
Skratch pinstripe
Paul Bobber
Stock 1976 Frame and Motor
74 Springer
18" Wheels
1983 Harley 80 E1340cc
Rebuilt motor, custom goose neck frame, wide glide front fork, custom gas tank, very unique hand made muffler, complete custom by Garage Company,
Paint by SCOTT, pinstripe by SKRATCH very famous VON DUTCH style art work.
This is piece of art and very good running motorcycle. Very collectable.
We can build this style. Please Call !
Special GOOSE Framed Harley-Davidson
1962 motor and trans

Custom paint .Mid foot control and shifter. All hand made parts.
Just finished complete and test.
We can build this style. Please Call !

1959 Original Harley Davidson Pan Head motor

Matching cases complete rebuild and new paint.
Pinstripe by SKRATCH EPaint by SCOTTE Hand made custom.
We can build this style. Please Call !

Triumph Bobber

We can build this style. Please Call !

Kustom DRAG Bobber

'80 Harley Shovel Motor. 4 Speed Rachet Trans. All hand made KUSTOM.
SKRATCH Pinstripe. SUGURU Pipe. KIYO taillight. KIYO bar.
Now Bike display in Von Dutch Shop in Melrose.
We can build this style. Please Call !
Von Dutch Old school KNUCKLE

We can build this style. Please Call !

Williams Von Dutch KUSTOM

We can build this style. Please Call !

Red Racer

1981 shovel head motor '74 springer 18" wheels

We can build this style. Please Call !