You know, we race.
We meet interesting people and see all kinds of toys.
Some are irresistable even though they are not really vintage.
Garage Company is an authorized distributor for Over Racing.
You can check out their website at
It's in Japanese but you'll see a lot of things
even prettier than the stuff on this page.
The famous oval section tube frames for full race SRX660s
and the incredibly small frame used as a backbone for the Diablo
to hoist that Ducati V you have sitting on your garage.
Titanium pipes topped off with a bit of carbon fiber,
rearsets for your H2.
You know, stuff like that.
We only special order Over racing parts,
so take a look and if you find that you really need,
as in need that special part,
let us know and we'll have it at your doorstep soon enough.
 tach mount