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The Castrol History of motorcycling
The Castrol History of motorcycling in three superb volumes. This acclaimed series by David Wood is simply unrivaled for the sheer depth and breadth of its historical footage. A must for the video collection of anyone with an interest in the development of motorcycle sports.
Castrol Box Set

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Volume 1. How it all began and the TT
Amazing footage of the earliest racing machines, personalities and event up to the outbreak of WWII. Plus the history of the TT from Woods to Dunlop. VHS 62min
Order Number #DU1251 $24.95
Volume 2. Birth of the GP & the Japanese Arrival. Chronicles the transition of GP racing from the European works teams of the glorious 50fs to the Japanese arrival in Europe and their subsequent domination of the road racing scene. VHS 73min
Order Number #DU1252 $24.95
Volume 3. The other Champions: Pressure, Money & the need to win.
But what of the other champions? Here we meet the many heroes of 50cc to 350cc and sidecar classes. This volume also examines the modern influences of 'Pressure, Money and Yhe Need to Win'. VHS 65min
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Crash Kings: Bikes

150 spectacular crashes from GPs, Harley racing, US Superbikes, TT and desert racing. VHS 60min.
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Crash Kings: Bikes 2
Over 180 wipe-outs from '90s World Bike GPs, ice and thunderbike racing. VHS 60min.
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Crash Kings: Bikes 3
Spectacular wipe-outs from World Bike GPs. Excellent film quality, excellent commentary-crazy crashes! VHS 60min.
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Crash Kings: Motocross

From GP battlegrounds to maxattack schoolboy motox-is no-one safe? VHS 55min
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Daytona Speed City USA
The Daytona 200 Mile Race - for forty years one of the biggest events on the international calendar. Competing bikes hit 180mph on the awesome 45-degree banking of the Daytona International Speedway...and you ride right along with them via our on-bike camera! Experience all the action and excitement, without even having to get up! It's all here at Daytona. Speed City USA! VHS 60min
Order Number #DU1500 $19.95

Daytona 1992
The 51st running of the Daytona 200 saw a Japan v Europe head-to-head battle from the fall of the flag through its 57 laps, Scott Russell and reigning world superbike champion Doug Polen fought a dynamic duel to the chequered flag to register the closest finish ever in the history of the 200 miler. Archive film shows how the races were run in the olden days on a part beach - part road circuit, a far cry from today's Daytona International Speedway, with its ultra high-speed banking contrasting with the myriad infield curves and corners. But Daytona is not just about racing, it is the biggest bike meet in the world, a mega-festival for thousands of like-minded enthusiasts to gather together in the Florida sun for their annual injection of motorcycle fever. VHS 60min
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Evel Knievel's Spectacular Jumps
Relive Evel's greatest triumphs and his bone-breaking defeats in this spectacular collection of breathtaking jumps, from Caesar's Palace to his daring attempt at the Snake River Canyon! Color. VHS 30min.
Order Number #DU1793 $14.95

Evel Knievel The last of the Gladiators
The incredible story of the world's greatest daredevil as told by Evel Knievel himself! Reveals the true saga of a 20thcentury gladiator. VHS 100min
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Great Italian GP Racers
The world of motorcycle racing has produced many exotic machines and few are more interesting and exciting than the Italian multis. This superb in-depth  documentary from producer David Wood encapsulates the history and colorful stories of the Italian multis from 1949 to 1976. VHS 85min
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Old Indians Never Die
Subtitled: A Celebration of the Indian Motorcycle. An absorbing film of traveling by Indian, informed comment, bike talk, and nostalgic archive footage brings to life the mystical aura surrounding these legendary machines. This is the story of Christian Zimmerman and Alan Forbes, and their common passion for Indian motorcycles. Color. 48 min.
126985C $29.95

On Any Sunday
This classic 1971 film covers virtually every form of motorcycle competition from the AMA's Grand National Tour to Motocross; Desert Racing to Ice Racing; the Int'l Six Day Trials to the Widowmaker Hill climb; the Bonneville Salt Flats to the Elsinore GP. Completely remastered in 1991 by producer, director and writer Bruce Brown. Color. 75 min.
Order Number #DU3200 $24.95

On Any Sunday II
Thrill to the pulsating sound of high-powered cycles in the desert, on the road, and on tracks around the world. Filled with interviews and championship races with Brad Lackey, Bob Hannah, Kenny Roberts, and Bruce Penhall. Color. 90 min.
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On Any Sunday III
The sport's greatest riders look back on the thrills, the spills, the movie that changed their lives and a friend who shared the ride, Steve McQueen. Featuring never-before-seen footage from the original. VHS 90min
Order Number #DUM33333 $24.95

Postcard From Daytona: Bike Week '96
From pre-war classics to V8 Boss Hogs complete with blower and 18-inch rear tires, this video puts you on the most famous beach in the world with 600,000 fun-loving bikers for a full week of motorcycle madness! Color. VHS 61min.
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Ride like the Wind
An escape video for the armchair dreamer – and a must for Yamaha enthusiasts! Join a free-wheeling band of adventurers for fantastic journeys across Egypt, Australia, the wild West, and Paris to Capetown. VHS 90min
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A Twist of the Wrist Video
The world's best-selling riding manual springs to life in this video from the founder of the famous California Superbike School. Learn correct and incorrect riding techniques, braking, cornering, sliding, passing, and even how to fall. Competition oriented, but excellent for street riding. VHS 107min.
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The World's Fastest Bikes
Is the Suzuki Hayabusa really faster than the Honda Blackbird? Will a Ducati 916 get you from A to B on normal roads faster than a Yamaha R1? Can ex-British Champion Steve Hislop hustle a Kawasaki ZX9 up the flat out TT Mountain Mile faster than fellow TT winner David Jefferies on the Blackbird? These are serious questions for anyone with an interest in the adrenaline fueled '160+ club' and this video gives you the answers and more.
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World Sidecar Review 1995 Video
An unbeatable record of an outstanding year for British sidecar racers! Official highlights feature all the best action from Europe's most challenging circuits including Nurburgring, Assen, Le Mans and Donington, plus exclusive interviews with all the main competitors. Over an hour of top class bike sport and entertainment. Color. VHS 75min.
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The Sweet Spot Video Library (6-Volume Set)
Subtitled: Performance Motorcycle Set-Up and Tuning. Understand and visualize every facet of motorcycle care and set-up! This dynamic combination of experts and products provides the answers to all your set-up needs. Learn the details of track preparation; tires, chassis & suspension; carburetion & exhaust; performance systems; dialing in; and motorcycle hygiene, Provides a complete overview of what it takes to obtain optimum performance through witnessing a street machine being built into a racer by experts in the industry.
Highly recommended, Color. Total running time: 9 hrs., 6 min.
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