Motorcycle Decals

BSA Spitfire

Side panel decal for BSA Spitfire MK III Special,
5-1/2", red, white, blue and gold.
$8.56 D44-00254

650 Spitfire MK IV with U.S. and U.K. flags,
5", red, blue, black and gold.
$10.50 D44-00136

Spitfirefire Mark III Special varnish transfer,
4-3/4", black, white, red and gold
$5.95 D44-00090

BSA Spitfire Mark II Special varnish transfer,
2-3/4", red, white, black, and gold.
$6.00 D44-00101

BSA logo for A65 Spitfire MK2, B40 Enduro,
and B34 alloy Scrambler, 5",
red and white.
$7.95 D44-00227